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Digital Art - Confidence in Letters

Digital Art - Confidence in Letters

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Who said writing was no longer trendy? This piece of work contains an original quote by me, hand-written and carefully designed to serve as a beautiful sight to behold as well as a decorative accent for your household or personal items.

What does it mean to say your Confidence is your Altitude? When you stand tall, it is difficult for anyone to look down on you. When you stand tall, words cannot bring you down, oppression cannot stir your pot and doubt cannot creep into your mind. You may come off as arrogant or bossy, but the secret you alone know is that you are mentally strong and have a firm belief in your human self-worth and the value you bring to the table. That mindset will take you to the top. Never waver.

Confidence in letters - think of it as confidence made tangible...a literal grip on confidence. Surely something to own!


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